Things To Discuss With Your Classroom Teacher:

  • Classroom Party Planning
  • Volunteer Schedule for Parties & PTO Events
  • Assisting Teacher
  • Hawk Fest (Silent Auction Basket, Prizes and Booth)
  • PTO Communication: Must be emailed out to Parents

Important Questions For Your Teacher:

  • How should you communicate with class? (email, note home or via the teacher)
  • How should you communicate with teacher? (email, notes, text)
  • Any food allergies in class?
  • Party Plans (theme, activity, snack, supplies)

Teacher Gifts:

Each teacher will complete a “Staff Wish list” to help when
purchasing meaningful gifts for your teacher.
  • Birthday Gift
  • Winter Party Gift
  • End of Year Gift

If you have any questions, please contact our Room Parent Liaison Team:
Karin Weiler:
Cabrina Kennedy:

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